With its roots in images and information gained during an NDE in 1979, Metatron’s Army is a multi-layered adventure tale that crosses decades and dimensions.

What does that mean?

Multi-layered.  The complexity involved in transcribing information gained at the speed of light cannot be understated.

Especially when you are only ten years old and don’t have the education or experience, let alone the language to do it justice.

I share details in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die

Crosses Decades.  Determined to understand the images and information, I focused my education on math and science, eventually becoming a consultant in the IT industry where my education could continue and evolve.

That I specialized in network interoperability not only played a significant role in filling in knowledge gaps, it saved my life.

Crosses Dimensions.  One of the more interesting facets was that after the NDE I was keenly aware of other dimensions.

I could feel them.

This awareness included a perception of the energy in those dimensions.  

Perspective Is Everything.  Yet long before the brain hemorrhage that left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma, I perceived the world differently.

As of seven years of age I  knew that objects we perceived as solid weren’t – because I could see the molecules – fit tightly against each other, moving rapidly.

Time Passages.  My relationship to time was always unique.

I could feel it moving within and around me.

After the surgery, that relationship intensified, becoming more complex.

And more difficult to describe.

I provide a glimpse into this unique world in 

All of this went into the making of the Metatron’s Army. science fiction saga

From There to Here.  I share the journey, including all the paranormal details, in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.