Information here will deal specifically with the Celestial entity that’s been with me since I was a child.


Before coming to understand who he was I referred to him as “That guy” and “The dude.” 

Details on how I learned who he was can be found in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Though he came to me in a dream in 1994 and gave me a name by which I could refer to him, I still call him “The dude.”

Stories shared here will focus on how Metatron has influenced my writing.

Stories that appear as part of the nonfiction project on will focus on other areas of my life in which this Celestial being has had an impact.

Stay tuned


    Note: Cross posted on Nothing like a little theology to give one a headache. The book I was advised to purchase is – academically speaking – a beautiful gold mine.  It’s also like reading an encyclopedia of BCE stuff. Stuff I was familiar with, that made my eyes cross when I first encountered it! Thus, the headaches.Continue reading METATRON MAKES A POINT


    I’ve come to appreciate the irony of Metatron’s interest in my writing career. He’s known as God’s scribe, something I was not aware of until 2016 while writing Bishop Pair:  Book 2 in the Metatron’s Army series. Turns out he’s passionate about sci-fi. And my making it a priority. Metatron’s Army Undoubtedly, the biggest impact wasContinue reading METATRON IN WRITING


    When I first encountered the Celestial being I’ve come to know as Metatron it was during an NDE.  When asked to describe his appearance, I ran up against the first of numerous post-NDE challenges. How do you describe what you perceive in visual terms when you are on a different plane of existence, don’t have eyes,Continue reading THE LOOK