Alien Relationships


1920x1080_px_abstract_angel_artwork_demon_fantasy_Art-774620.jpg!d-2Just listening to the playlist I created for the upcoming Dragon Core series and finishing final edits on Analysis:  Book 12 in the Metatron’s Army Series.


I need to remind myself I have upcoming projects as I wind down this series.  It’s been with me so long I occasionally feel a twinge of anxiety about it ending.

As I wind down the series, two elements have taken center stage.

  • Reveals
  • Relationships

Reveals. In coming along on a journey that traversed thirteen installments, readers of the series have put their trust in me.

The nature of the story necessitated this format where each book in the series is like a chapter in the life of the main character, who was born in one universe, raised in another before returning to her home universe to fulfill her destiny.

To end a century’s old war and save a race of energy beings which are not always complimentary objectives.

My focus in these final books is to ensure I share various secrets and individual and collective character motivations that reveal the numerous plots within the plot in a way that honors that trust while not revealing too much at one time.

I need to keep the reader entertained – and guessing.

Relationships.  Relationships between a variety of characters definitely take center stage in these final books for the simple reason I need to answer the question Then what?

Through much of the series, the characters have worked together for a variety of common goals that included

  • training to do the jobs they need to do
  • doing those jobs to the best of their ability while continuing to grow as individuals
  • protecting each other and themselves while keeping their eye on the overall objective.

Having something in common does not equal compatibility though I have created characters who not only respect each other, they generally get along well, even as they often work at cross purposes.

Alien V. Culture. Most of the characters have grown up in a universe where different species are akin to what humans would consider a different culture.

It’s just no big deal to have different physiology or physical characteristics that make you stand out.

That doesn’t mean the different species trust each other, even as they work together for a common purpose.  Focusing on how those relationships evolve and transform throughout the series has been fun and something I only had an overarching understanding of.

I knew the overall goal but not what any specific character(s) would do to fulfill that goal. 

I’ve had the joy of allowing characters to evolve in such a way as to transform from being a minor background character to a main character that contributes significantly to the plot and the saga.

I didn’t plan for these changes, they just happened as the story progressed and I got to know certain characters better.

I also need to deal with interdimensional relationships as I’ve brought people from Earth to the Vetria system.

From Analysis:

“Look, can we file this under the Light Beings don’t understand humans category and move on to the reason you are in my apartment?”

“For the moment.”

Fuck.  He so did not want to get roped into the help the Light Beings understand the subtle nuances of intimate relations.

There is also the necessity of addressing how characters move from one type of a relationship to another.

  • From being team players to individual leaders as their careers transform
  • From reporting to someone to becoming a peer as the roles evolve
  • From colleagues to lovers
  • From culturally different species to lovers

On the path to love. Those last two points have been surprisingly less challenging than the two above.  It’s not only been a joy to take various characters from soldiers to lovers, it’s been relatively easy.

The key has been to think – really think – about the challenges they would face.

  • As an individual
  • A couple
  • A team
  • A community

Individual.  When dealing with different species I needed to take into account individual expectations based on social customs as well as individual likes, dislikes, expectations.

There’s Two.  I had to address the challenges of being a couple.

Emotion isn’t a switch to be turned on so imagine being involved with a species for who emotion was forbidden for centuries, for example.

Team Player.  I had to consider how the characters would view themselves in terms of their professional roles, as well as how their teammates would view any changes in relationships.

How do you go from soldiers who fight side by side to lovers? 

Who’s coming for dinner?!  Imagine bringing someone considered the enemy into a community with the implicit expectation that he would be entering into a romantic relationship with a member of that community.

Assuming the individual would have them to being with.

In this situation the relationship is under a microscope as every member of the community takes note of every move.

Which actually happens with multiple characters who enter into romantic liaisons.  As Christine puts it, the universe is watching.

To facilitate the process, I simply looked at each relationship through those four filters.

But wait!  The challenge has been to pace the development of the relationships relative to upcoming plot developments and the reality that such relationships typically evolve over a period of time.

As Christine says at one point, loving someone isn’t the same as being in love with them.

I have to think ahead to what the characters will be facing and make sure that their feelings and thoughts about the relationship are in line with where they are in the progression of the story.

There’s more!  And of course, there’s the whole physical side to the relationships.  That has been a lot of fun to deal with as I’ve had the challenge of incorporating different cultural and personal views on sexuality.

And stopped to think what would each character be worried or excited about in taking that step with the one they love.

This last was a central focus of multiple characters in Promotion: Book 11 in the series.

Front and Back. As I wrap this article before going back to Analysis, I will add that another facet of relationship development is the need to shift the romance from front and center to back burner out of necessity as characters remain true to their roles.

There’s still a war and they are still soldiers, even if some of them are now “closer.”

It has been fun even as it has been, in spite of the implication of emotion, an intellectual exercise.

Analysis will be available August 1, 2019.

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What is a Celestial Being?

In an attempt to take a break I watched a number of movie trailers.

Did general then Action/Adventure, then Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

When I went to return to interactive work – plugging back in I suppose – I saw that my Mousepad had somehow – when I wasn’t watching it – turned 180 degrees on my desk.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had this kind of thing going on and I actually know enough about the Poltergeist Phenomenon to know that this wasn’t it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had paranormal activity at my desk.

  • Have had – more than once – my keyboard type things when my hands were off of it altogether (witnessed)
  • Had a crystal thrown and broken (witnessed)

I was a bit confused by the crystal because I liked the piece.  As in “Why?”

As for the computer, I get the impression that “they” want to let me know they are here.

Like I need a reminder.

The Mousepad?  Hard to say other than perhaps the same reason as above?

My first response with such events is, “Okay, I know you’re here.”

Whoever “you” is.

Depending what happens, I may just roll my eyes, ignore it, go on.  Other times, I stop and consider.  Is there a point to this?  In the case of the Mousepad, I suspect there is.

It has to do with the Celestial beings.

I chose the term Celestial beings as a generic way to describe the indescribable but people might want to note that I do NOT classify ghosts under this category.

Who Teaches?  I’ve had “lessons” from both ghosts and the Celestial beings.

The information is dramatically different.

The tone is different.

Celestial beings are more serious.  Ghosts were human so I can relate to them more easily – just as they can relate to me more easily…sometimes.

The male female thing occasionally gets into it only in that some of the suggestions wouldn’t work for me.  Additionally, the industry the ghosts were in is different than mine – both Corporate black hole and current – so we’ve had to meander our way through strategy sessions.

As for “The Celestial Beings” – I get the impression upon focusing on the Mousepad that “they” are irritated that in my most recent post I failed to mention that I am pretty certain after twenty some years of Spirit School that the Celestial beings are angels.

To be fair – I never believed in angels.  When the nuns used to tell us to pray to our guardian angels?  Standing beside us?  I looked at blank air and thought it a fairy-tale the women in penguin suits told us before they began beating kids.  Astonishing.  Where were the angels then?

A big part of the problem circles back to the difficulty I had in explaining what I saw in the NDE.  Those around me – though not always Catholic – had some Hollywood/Disney version of what angels were.

A sort of Tinker Bell meets God kind of thing.

The Celestial entities I encountered didn’t have bodies but I knew they were there.

Try explaining that one.

They didn’t have wings.  But…

They were every bit as powerful (feeling) and wonderful as I’d heard.

And so much more.

I get the impression they aren’t particularly happy about the way various cultures have tried to appropriate their existence for themselves.

My vision is the only vision because it’s the right vision and everyone else is wrong.

I generally don’t pay attention to the stuff.  I’ve spent a life being aware of it but ignoring it for a variety of reasons.

And have – on more than one occasion – been dragged into someone else’s argument over it.  As if I care?  Like my experience doesn’t matter to your spouse – why are you dragging me into this?

The truth is I have never been able to explain the Celestial beings.  I only know them for what they are – to me.

As for Spirit School?  I do not regularly visit the place.

I can go years without having any interaction with it.









Celestial Creatures of the Deep

DigitalLightBeings1In addition to time/inter-dimension travel, the primary themes in the Metatron’s Army series have to do with energy; particularly, electrical and magnetic.

Something I happen to be – ahem – rather familiar with.

In creating characters for the series, I drew on the celestial beings I became familiar with as a result of the NDE I had at age 10.  Inspired by these fascinating and sometimes frightening energy beings, I considered the role they’d played in my life experiences and considered how to “humanize” them for readability.

Not to mention what roles they were best suited for in the series.

The Light Beings central to the story are not the same Light Beings I refer to in my book After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.  Those energy beings, while impactful, were not substantial.

They looked like the transporter beam in Star Treek IV: The Voyage Home.

The Watchers, unnerving energy beings with “dead eyes”, became the inspiration for The Iconoclast.

I write about having to decide whether “dead eyes” meant evil – it doesn’t.  It just means vacant…nothingness.  Not evil but unnerving nonetheless.

 Interestingly, while watching the documentary Wake Up, I saw a physical rendition of the Watchers.

It was interesting listening to someone who had many of the same experiences I do, who sees the world – what he calls spiritual realities – in much the same way I – as a psychic – do.

In the documentary, Jonas visits Italian psychic Umberto DiGrazia, who sees an energy being, shows the image to him.

When I saw it, I jumped up and exclaimed, “That’s them!  That’s the Watchers!”

Jonas is unnerved by the image (something I understand) though Umberto tells him not to worry about it and that the spirit entity is simply watching him.


There are other energy beings that play a role throughout the story, each drawn from my own experiences during and after the NDE.  What I don’t include, however, are ghosts.

Though I do borrow from a ghostly experience.

While living in Fort Collins and again in Scottsdale, I witnessed ghosts opening an energetic portal and stepping through.  This bright flash of light became the energetic doorways opened by the Light Beings.

In addition to the celestial beings that play a role, I also draw on my experiences with energy planes.

Humans interact with multiple levels of consciousness, though those documented fall short of the vast number of them.

In the story, I refer to an “illusionary plane” which is basically a level of suspended consciousness where higher levels of learning can take place.

It is necessary to get the beta level out of the way in order to tap deeper potentials available at alpha, delta, theta, etc.

To call these planes dreams falls short of their reality, something I work to call out in the story.

These planes of existence are particularly difficult to explain to people because they tend to fall back on their own dogmatic beliefs when envisioning them, or worse, whatever they’ve seen in a Hollywood movie.

Which may exemplify one individual’s experience but would not be a one-size fits all this is what happens illustration.

I have changed characters and consciousness level descriptions to fit the story.  I also left out anything I experienced that is not relevant to my story.

Spirit [Energy] School and Lessons in Time

file-20170519-12263-5rt16pThe Metatron’s Army Saga rose out of the rubble pile my life turned into after a brain hemorrhage left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma.

Specifically, it was a way of coping with what I saw and experienced during a Near Death Experience.

Even as I weaved a fictitious plot I pulled in elements from the NDE.  One of those elements is alternative education.

What my character refers to as Energy School is based on what I call Spirit School.  Gained in an alternate dimension associated with sleep, the information presented is supplemental to that obtained through traditional education.

In the decades since the surgery, I’ve been to Spirit School a number of times and while the environment can best be described in spiritual terms, the information presented is generally scientific in nature.  It’s also pragmatic.  I’ve been able to incorporate the lessons in my life in numerous meaningful ways.  One of those ways is with my writing.

What is Time?  In Ghost in the Mirror, fourth in the Psi Adventure Series, Paranormal Investigator Kerry Murphy attends a lecture on time.  She learns that Time is a lens that is curved and that it is possible to move about to any point on that lens.  This scene is transcribed from a 2012 Spirit School lesson.  I modified the lesson as appropriate for the story but the foundational information was kept intact.

In the original lesson, I saw a guy I worked with, along with his family, through different points of time.  Each part of the lens – due to its curvature – presented a different view because the curvature was time bending.

 The Effects of Time.  In 2016, as I was working on Advantage: Book One of Metatron’s Army, I attended a Spirit School lecture on The Effects of Time on Man.  I was asked to repeat the lecture verbatim three times before I was allowed to sleep.

They** wanted to make sure I got the information.

As soon as I woke up I transcribed the lecture.  It appears in Bishop Pair: Book Two of Metatron’s Army, word for word.

Spirit School is a separate place.  It is not a dream.  After completing the lesson, there is a reentry point through which I return to the dimension of sleep.  When I wake up, I recall that I’ve been there, though sometimes I am unable to recall exactly what the lesson was.  In those instances, I know – gut feel – that on some level of consciousness, I’ve retained the information.

 ** They are celestial beings I’ve described as angels, though I admit this could be me applying cultural language to something difficult to describe.  They seem like angels.

For more information on Spirit School, and other aspects of the Near Death Experience, see After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.