Note: This series will be continuing.

I have at least 3 novels in the Metatron’s Army queue.

After 7 + years of trying to make the pieces fit I have decided to decommission the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity project.

If and when I get information I believe informative and relevant to the subject I will update.  

I offer the following for those seeking information about

GATE: The 4 Pillars of EMF Sensitivity

Geologic EMFs: 

I detail my relationship with geologic EMFs in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.  As I write in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, once I relocated from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest, the ringing I hear prior to an earthquake continued though it switched to the opposite ear.

Though I can sense geologic fault lines, thanks to the work I have done, which is detailed in my books, I am no longer sickened by them.

Atmospheric EMFs

As I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Calcium Toxicity, after 35+ years of suffering migraines caused by a drop in atmospheric pressure, I stumbled on a remedy.

These migraines often landed me in the ER and were so severe I missed work. In spite of a thorough workup by specialists, no cause was ever determined and nothing – not even narcotic pain medication – could ease the horrific throbbing.

I’ve tested the remedy for over a year in different regions of the country and in multiple seasons.

To this day I am migraine free.

Consistent with my approach of using natural methods for healing – with an emphasis on nutritional – the remedy is a combination of a vitamin and a homeopathic.

Details in the book.

Technologic EMFs

Thanks to years of research and hard work I am free from debilitating symptoms suffered when around technological EMFs.  I kept meticulous records so I could share what I’ve observed, experienced, and learned with others.  

It took 25 grueling months of the protocol that helped me detoxify the heavy metals that led to this condition.

All publications under The World of EMF are packed with information that will help people identify whether what they are experiencing is Sensitivity to technology EMFs and what they can do about it.

I provide a number of remedies that ameliorate and/or eliminate symptoms, the cause, and a path to a cure.

Esoteric EMFs

The following books give readers a glimpse into the world of esoteric EMFs

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Stay tuned.


When I first encountered the Celestial being I’ve come to know as Metatron it was during an NDE.  When asked to describe his appearance, I ran up against the first of numerous post-NDE challenges.

How do you describe what you perceive in visual terms when you are on a different plane of existence, don’t have eyes, and he doesn’t have what we understand as a physical body?

As he explained to me during the interaction, I had to go back because it was not my time, but he would be with me and for years, though I sensed his presence, I had no visual image to describe.  That all changed when I was 16.

Details of his appearance in my life are available in both After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die and Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Putting in an appearance.

As explain in those books, Metatron put in an appearance in my hotel room in Washington DC, in the winter of 1994.


He stated, “You will move to California.”

Though I made no effort to bring this about, in April of that year I  found myself in the Golden State visiting a friend and interviewing for a job that all but fell in my lap.

I got the job and moved West less than 6 weeks later.

My friend suggested I get a feel for the area, pointing out several Silicon Valley cities I should check out.  He added that while in Mountain View, I should stop by the Psychic Eye Bookshop. 

Located in one of the numerous strip malls I associate with the state of California, the shop was large and had a good vibe.  It also held a surprise.

Actually, two.

Between Worlds

During a brief chat with the woman working that day it came up that I’d had a Near Death Experience.  I explained how difficult life became whenever someone uncomfortable with the idea became aware.  Smiling, she plucked a book off the shelf, opening it to a section wherein the phenomenon as understood by indigenous tribes was described.

As well as how those who had had such experiences were respected if not revered.

Thanking the woman for sharing I browsed the rest of the shop.


I was on my way out when an image caught my attention.

It was on a greeting card in a section to the left of the door when you walked in.

“That’s the guy!”

Though at that point I didn’t know him as Metatron, I immediately recognized the Celestial entity who’d been helping me come to terms with what I saw and experienced during the NDE.

This collaborative effort would later be published as Metatron’s Army.

I recognized him as he’d physically appeared to me in high school and again the previous November!

I bought the card and framed it.

More than any depiction of angels I’ve seen this image conveys the essence and energy I’ve come to know as Metatron.


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The past several weeks have been filled with challenges, along with some happy moments.

Gary Numan concert anyone?

They’ve also been filled with a series of coincidences – what Jung famously referred to as synchronicities.

Thankfully as these are the lifeblood of a synchronicity junky.

It all started with the concert.  While walking to the venue I noticed a nearby New Age store and though closed I made a note to return.

Which I did when in Seattle for EMF research purposes.

While there I learned a bit – and I mean a small bit – about “The Dude.”


The proprietor, responding to a question about a symbol on a necklace, quoted from and showed me a couple books that included various individuals’ take on the Archangel.

That was several weeks ago.  In the interim a number of chaotic events have brought unique challenges, both professional and personal, and while I believe the worst is behind me, there’s a bit of debris in the field.  Knowing only some of the situation was under my control I turned to one of my favorite coping strategies:  Work on what I can control.

Which usually means writing.

Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of situations beyond my control meant it was difficult to calm the mind enough to focus on any one solvable item.  As this has happened before I engaged in the next level of defense  Read a reread.  Generally fiction, these are stories that entertain and allow me to think of something other than what I can’t control.  Better, they allow me to think of nothing.

Lynn Kurland and Sharaon Sala/Dinah McCall are some of my very favorites though Abigail Drake’s South Side stories have certainly been fun.  Especially given I know the area from when I attended a grad level networking course at Carnegie Mellon/U Pitt during the Corporate Black Hole years.

This week I found myself feeling pretty exhausted by it all.  As I was reading one of the rereads my eyes focused on a phrase  

And how desperately she needed hope.  

Though I certainly didn’t feel desperate I did spare a moment to think how nice it would be to have a sign that a specific situation having to do with a writing conundrum would be resolved.

Specifically, I thought to myself, “I could use some hope.”

Ask and ye shall receive.

Later that evening, Aaron and I were sitting in the living room, relaxing in companionable silence.

Sometimes we talk – this time I was reading my reread and he was browsing.

At one point he looked up at me and turned the laptop so I could see the image.

I didn’t recognize one of the players so he turned it back and began reading.  He kept looking up as if silently prodding me to get it – which I didn’t – after which he said “I need to play this out loud.”

I told you – I was exhasted which is my term for mentally fried.

It was a piece about Alice in Chains and Elton John collaborating on Black Gives Way to Blue.

At the end of the clip the narrator says that Cantrell explained the meaning of the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily, who was 9 at the time.

Sometimes there are very dark and challenging times in life and it may seem like things will never get better. But if you stay strong and keep moving forward and look out on the horizon, you’ll start to see a little point of light way out there. And slowly, the black would give way to blue.

I truly felt as if this was the answer to the earlier thought.  I told Aaron who shared he hadn’t looked at that site in ages.

Coincidence or Fortuitious Timing?

I thanked The Dude for giving me hope that indeed things will get better.

As for the idea of keep moving forward – I hadn’t stopped so I had that nailed.  

Tenacity is one of my better traits.

This morning I was at my desk pondering the writing conundrum and thinking of any fresh ways to approach a resolution.  Unable to come up with anything I decided to work on a different writing project.

This one has a few unanswered questions but I’m moving forward by keeping notes of what I do have.

I alternated this activity with reading the reread and playing a few rounds of Free Cell.  The game allows my mind to drift which helps me come up with solutions to various writing challenges.

I’d deinstalled it but the results in terms of creative inspiration were disastrous so I reinstalled it.

I felt a sudden urge to look at the Llewellyn website.

I haven’t looked at this site in years.

I followed a strong urge to click on a very specific link, eventually coming to a page of books.  I was about to close out the window when my eyes zeroed in on a book.  It was one the proprietor of the New Age store had mentioned.

It isn’t about Metatron directly but it apparently has scholarly references in it.

I browsed the sample chapters and, though intrigued, didn’t feel inspired to buy.

Not my thing.

And then…

I tried to turn my attention back to the nonfiction project work I was doing but I kept feeling a strong urge to go back to that book.

The Dude was prodding me.  Big time.

I went over to Amazon – because I have an account set up there – and opened the sample chapters again.  I also argued with the Dude about the point of buying the book.

I said, “What am I going to do with this?  I don’t get into this stuff and you know it.”

It was like arguing with a brick wall.

Something I describe in great detail in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Knowing I would have no peace until I obeyed the guy I bought the book.  I hadn’t even finished the first page when I understood why he wanted me to buy it.  Not only did it answer the conundrum I was facing it gave me direction on a Messenger of the Gods challenge I’d been dealing with for weeks.

Just like that.

While I appreciate synchronicities, I’m not one to read into every coincidence.

More’s the pity to some I imagine.

If this was a single event out of the blue I would be more apt to write it off as a coincidence.  Given the context of it all?  It was an answer to a plea for help.

And hope.

The book I chose isn’t the point of the post and it’s personal – between me and the Dude – so I’m not going to bother.  What I can say is that the path of Synchronicity is a convoluted path.

Though I don’t believe it’s the path of Fate.**

I hope your day is filled with signs.

And hope.

**A blog for another time.


Readers have seen that I sometimes cross post articles here and on  One of those has been information about an upcoming nonfiction project and while I did provide an update on my other site, I will not be cross posting it here.

Those interested can click on the update link.

Part of the challenge of this project stems from the fact that I know so much about esoteric EMFs.

  • Ghosts
  • Psi
  • Metatron

The irony is that these hard to quantify EMFs have taught me more about EMF Sensitivity than I ever would have learned otherwise and because a lot of it will help those suffering from EMF Sensitivity, I was eager to share it.  The challenge was, where would I put it?

Given the variables involved it made sense to a degree to have some cross over between the sites but it was something I could never quite get comfortable with.

Like looking at a scene and thinking something’s missing but I can’t put my finger on it.

What I may end up doing is putting a link on the menu so visitors can find their way to it hosted on the other site.  Where I’m not settled is regarding the esoteric EMF known as Metatron.

Aka the dude.

His role in my career goes beyond the creation of Metatron’s Army but as this site focuses on that series, I’m not certain if putting his part of the nonfiction project here makes sense.

Outside Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army which details his role in the series.

I’m still considering my options.

What I can say is that independent of where that information resides I have at least 4 additional Metatron’s Army books in the works.

Three of which are already started.

Two are attached to the series, albeit taking place after Metatron’s Legacy.  Two are part of Chronicles.

Targeted books that deal with various species that played a significant role in the series.

Stay tuned.


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I’m a person who believes it’s best to treat the root cause than a symptom if you want to solve a problem. 

This approach served me well while dealing with EMF Sensitivity.

It can be a bit tricky because root cause is not always easy to identify.  


Assuming you are aware of the symptom(s), the best place to start – in my experience – is to ask yourself a simple question

What changed?

This is something I learned while working in tech.

Nothing, damn it!

I always got a kick out of a customer vehementaly insisting nothing had changed – the workstation performance just suddenly degraded.  

If everything was fine and now it isn’t?  Something changed.

 A lot of times the something that changed happened elsewhere making it unknown to the user.

i.e., someone added another protocol to the network which created additional traffic which…

I Didn’t Realize.

More than once I stood witness to a bitter dispute between an end user and a network administrator wherein the administrator insists it was such a small change, it couldn’t possibly be having that much of an impact.

It’s interesting to watch CAD guys working to keep their cool in such a situation.

These arguments often had two levels

  • The problem
  • The problem that is a result of the problem

It’s bad enough the administrator doesn’t grasp the impact of even slight performance degradation.

They often seemed to think the designer was exaggerating, that it was no more than annoyance.

The designer’s performance is impacted.

Not the workstation running the CAD program – the designer since his ability to meet deadlines was impacted.

In general, once the disagreement got to that level of communication it was simply a matter of addressing the situation.

The administrator understood and accepted even small changes can have big impact.

The fix.

This is not always easy since it’s not just a matter of undoing whatever was done.

Maybe that protocol has to be on the network to serve other users.

While I could share a number of solutions to such an issue the point is that when something happens to productivity – identifying the root cause can be time consuming and energy draining – and solutions not always easy to implement.

Or even to find.

This happened to me with regards to my writing.  Or, more specifically, its rhythm.

Something’s wrong?

Because I had a number of projects in the queue I didn’t even realize something was off until very recently and when I figured it out I misunderstood the root cause.


Though this started two years ago, I didn’t begin seriously analyzing the problem until yesterday.

Because I didn’t know there was a problem.

No.  It’s Timing.

It wasn’t until walking on the UW Campus near the Neptune theatre that I understood just how off my internal rhythm was.

And it wasn’t until writing about the concert I understood the impact that had on my writing career.

In Plain Sight.

I wrote that the pandemic was one of the more prolific times of my career, suggesting the impact wasn’t as significant as other things going on at the time.

Including my efforts to recover from heavy metal poisoning (cadmium, nickel, mercury, calcium, among others).

As I further considered I realized it really was the pandemic that started all the trouble to begin with.  

Or, one aspect of it.

Rhythm in Chains.

When we went into full lockdown other than walking outdoors I was unable to continue a number of routines.  What I didn’t realize was how important those routines were to the rhythm of writing.

For me.

Or how strongly said rhythm was integrated with the external environment.

On the surface I understood the frustration.  So much so that I channeled that frustration into writing.

I kicked out a number of books in a span of months.

Time Out.

It eventually got to a point where walking outdoors and writing from dawn to dusk 7 days a week wasn’t working.

I was treating a symptom not the root cause and I still didn’t realize there was a problem!

I used the time I gained not going anywhere that wasn’t pure necessity to make career changes.

Necessity to someone else maybe but as my experience taught me – those “non” necessity trips were important to my health and career well-being.

I used the time not going out except for walks to ponder my goals.

Eventually, I quit going out to walk. It was too depressing.

I moved peas around on the plate to facilitate meeting the goals.  

Little did I know those efforts were only dealing with symptoms.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

It took almost another entire year of taking actions I now realize were just addressing symptoms to understand there was a bigger issue.  What tipped me off?  Walking around campus before the concert.

Now that I think of it – it started before – on the subway.

It was the Familiarity That Did It.

It was the first time I rode the Seattle subway.  

I was amazed at how similar it felt to when I regularly rode the BART and MUNI while living Downtown SF.  

I realized at that moment how integrated such an urban rhythm was to my soul.**

And how badly its absence had affected me.

Next Stop?  Cherry Blossoms.

I was admiring the cherry blossoms and the general atmosphere when I realized how similar it felt to parts of Ann Arbor in the summer.  

This was a regular part of my life for over a decade.

I made a note to return and just soak up Nature’s Rhythm.

Which is also critical to my writers soul.

Social Gathering Pandemic Style.

I wrote that attending a concert while wearing a mask – though the right thing to do – is hot.

We’d seen Shinedown and Ayron Jones* at the Moore so I had gone through this once before and knew what to expect.

Shared Rhythm.

Fortunately, none of that diminished the joy of being with people who were thrilled to be enjoying a live performance.

I think some of that joy stemmed from being able to share it with like-minded concert goers.

It was while writing about it that I came to see how important routine is to my internal rhythm.

At least when it comes to writing.

I also see how changes I unconsciously made to address the situation did not resolve it.

Because those changes dealt with symptoms – not the root.

Like Perspective, Timing is Everything.

In other words, now what?

Due to the nature of where I live and the approach to the pandemic, there’s only so much I can do to reestablish old routines but now that I know what the root cause is?  I can be more strategic about the solutions I consider.

One I did yesterday was to install another version of Freecell.  

Playing this game while listening to music puts my mind into a meditative state that is good for creativity.

It’s apparently good for my soul too because in those weeks it was gone?  Even though I continued to listen to music while working, I was starved of the serenity that goes with it.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

*AWESOME performance.

**Since I spent a great deal of my youth in Downtown Detroit I’m wondering if urbanity is in my soul. 

I wouldn’t be surprised.