Series Update

The end of year is always an interesting time for me.  In recent years I’ve followed a pattern of evaluating where I am and where I’m headed in terms of career and projects.  This year I did a great deal of that work in the late spring and throughout the summer.  As a result I was facing the prospect of actually having free time on my hands!

When I worked in corporate, supporting the automotive industry, this was generally my busiest time of year thanks to GM shutting down with many of the suppliers following suit.  It was an ideal time to do upgrades and maintenance.  I tended to enjoy it too as everyone was in a festive mood.

After releasing Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal I decided to take a true vacation.  As someone who tends to work seven days a week, however, I knew it was likely to be a short one.  Still, I was determined to give my mind a rest.  To that end…

I decided to do a little scouting for Christmas shopping options.

In other words, I did a Black Friday outing, not to a specific shop but to a general area.

It was an enlightening experience, one that was a true state-of-the-union in today’s post-Covid ecommerce priority world.  At the same time it was fruitful in terms of – you guessed it – work.

For some time I’ve been working on the follow-up to Adrift and though a good portion of the story which will end up being two books is finished, I was having trouble visualizing the hero of the story.

I only had a vague image of what he looked like.

I like really getting to know my characters.  I like to see them, hear their unique voices when I’m writing.  The same is true of the Metatron’s Army series:

  • Verix was inspired by the image on a calendar given to me for Christmas when I was in tenth grade.
  • Corus’ voice was inspired by one of the characters in a 90s TV series.

Though not his appearance.

For this Colony series hero I had a vague image I could bring to mind but details were lacking.

Thanks to the specifics of an early scene where he is in a tux I could see him as graceful even as he is strong, like a leopard moving with a deadly feline grace.  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a lock on his appearance.

Other than that he has dark hair.

I looked around but most of the males in my vicinity were retirees who weren’t exactly fit. I continued to scan and came on a group of police officers.

Definitely fit.

None of the men gathered worked. Too tense, which is understandable given the crowded urban environment. Deciding it wasn’t worth worrying about – there were plenty of people to watch and the day was young – I followed the crowd toward the shopping district.  Seemingly out of nowhere a man appeared.

He walked from the left where he’d been leaning against a wall.

I knew immediately I’d found my character.

I also realized another reason the police offers weren’t the right fit.

The guy reminded me of a spy. So much so that I honestly wondered if he was some sort of undercover operative.

Outside being an undercover cop, no one would mistake a cop as a spy.

I was thrilled. It was my character!  The way he moved, how he’d been so unobtrusive you didn’t even notice him then suddenly he’s there then gone again as if he never was.


I only wish he hadn’t disappeared from view so quickly so I could have studied him a bit longer.

With that challenge behind me I could truly take time to relax and enjoy days if not weeks.

I knew eventually I would start thinking about “what’s next.”

Life more or less interrupted some of my vacation.

The peace of mind of it.

Doing my best to maneuver my way through I decided it was probably better to focus on something I could control since what was going on was out of mine.

Work to the rescue!

First on the list was looking at each series as it stands and deciding which direction I would head.  Next, what projects would be in the queue and then finally, what order to tackle them.

I’m still working on that last one.

What I can say is that I have a number of books for the Metatron’s Army series.

Some will be under Chronicles.  At least one is going to be a single title along the lines of Metatron’s Legacy, which is set decades after the original series ends.

I’m also evaluating a couple of other projects tied to the series, details of which will be forthcoming.

Stay tuned!

And Happy Holidays!

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