Chronicles expanded

When it came time to write the Metatron’s Army Series I had a few challenges to deal with:

  • Never intended to publish
  • Didn’t have a back story
  • How to take mental movie to written word

To Tell:  Though I’d been living with the guts of Metatron’s Army for thirty-four plus years as a tool to deal with the fallout of a Near Death Experience I had as a child, I hadn’t intended to publish it.

Though I’d wanted to be a novelist from the time I was three, I originally thought I would write historical fiction.  Obviously, life had other plans…

The decision to publish was – as the event behind the story – difficult to put into words.

And surreal in nature.

To Translate:  Though a number of story elements were in place I had no backstory.

The characters just sort of popped into my mind one day – in 8th grade.

Due to the complexity involved, the fact the story traversed decades, I had decisions to make:

  • Start the series where Cirhce is an adult and sprinkle in details explaining why and how she came to be capable of leading an offensive
  • Tell her story in order to illustrate how she gained the education and experience necessary

After much consideration, I decided to do the latter.

 Where each book was a chapter in the life of the main character, Cirhce, aka Christine Baker.

I elected to go this route because I find it somewhat irritating and definitely unrealistic that the heroes and heroines of rebellion showcased in modern media are basically kids with little to no qualifications to land them in their positions of save the world/universe/etc

Having known real-life heroes in various branches of the military I had a good understanding that while the Peter Pan Principle is alive and well, in general, leadership is earned which takes experience – and time.

To Trim:  The original story had eight characters, all but one making it into the series.  

Due to the complexity of translating almost four decades worth of mental movies into written word I had to do a lot of trimming.

Though I understood the need to leave material on the cutting room floor, it was still frustrating because the side stories put context into various aspects of the main series.

As I was winding down the series and getting started on a new one, I considered whether or not to find a way to revive those cutting room floor adventures.

Metatron’s Legacy was not a cutting room floor adventure.  That story – an independent idea – was written before I had Bind, Book Nine in the original series finished.

As a prolific reader I considered how I felt when other writers took this path.

It generally felt forced and therefore less enjoyable.

Chronicles Anyone?  The original idea for Metatron’s Army Chronicles was to publish shorter stories related to the original series that fit with a vision I had and while I’m really happy with Karma, my vision has since changed.

And expanded.

Metatron’s Universe is vast.

The army is but one facet.

In honoring the story that has lived inside of me for decades, I am expanding Metatron’s Army Chronicles to reflect the expanded vision.

After all, time is infinite.  Why sequester it?

I have a number of novels in the works.  I’m proud to report that a Metatron’s Army Chronicles full-length novel is one of them.

Stay tuned.

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