What is a Celestial Being?

In an attempt to take a break I watched a number of movie trailers.

Did general then Action/Adventure, then Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

When I went to return to interactive work – plugging back in I suppose – I saw that my Mousepad had somehow – when I wasn’t watching it – turned 180 degrees on my desk.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had this kind of thing going on and I actually know enough about the Poltergeist Phenomenon to know that this wasn’t it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had paranormal activity at my desk.

  • Have had – more than once – my keyboard type things when my hands were off of it altogether (witnessed)
  • Had a crystal thrown and broken (witnessed)

I was a bit confused by the crystal because I liked the piece.  As in “Why?”

As for the computer, I get the impression that “they” want to let me know they are here.

Like I need a reminder.

The Mousepad?  Hard to say other than perhaps the same reason as above?

My first response with such events is, “Okay, I know you’re here.”

Whoever “you” is.

Depending what happens, I may just roll my eyes, ignore it, go on.  Other times, I stop and consider.  Is there a point to this?  In the case of the Mousepad, I suspect there is.

It has to do with the Celestial beings.

I chose the term Celestial beings as a generic way to describe the indescribable but people might want to note that I do NOT classify ghosts under this category.

Who Teaches?  I’ve had “lessons” from both ghosts and the Celestial beings.

The information is dramatically different.

The tone is different.

Celestial beings are more serious.  Ghosts were human so I can relate to them more easily – just as they can relate to me more easily…sometimes.

The male female thing occasionally gets into it only in that some of the suggestions wouldn’t work for me.  Additionally, the industry the ghosts were in is different than mine – both Corporate black hole and current – so we’ve had to meander our way through strategy sessions.

As for “The Celestial Beings” – I get the impression upon focusing on the Mousepad that “they” are irritated that in my most recent post I failed to mention that I am pretty certain after twenty some years of Spirit School that the Celestial beings are angels.

To be fair – I never believed in angels.  When the nuns used to tell us to pray to our guardian angels?  Standing beside us?  I looked at blank air and thought it a fairy-tale the women in penguin suits told us before they began beating kids.  Astonishing.  Where were the angels then?

A big part of the problem circles back to the difficulty I had in explaining what I saw in the NDE.  Those around me – though not always Catholic – had some Hollywood/Disney version of what angels were.

A sort of Tinker Bell meets God kind of thing.

The Celestial entities I encountered didn’t have bodies but I knew they were there.

Try explaining that one.

They didn’t have wings.  But…

They were every bit as powerful (feeling) and wonderful as I’d heard.

And so much more.

I get the impression they aren’t particularly happy about the way various cultures have tried to appropriate their existence for themselves.

My vision is the only vision because it’s the right vision and everyone else is wrong.

I generally don’t pay attention to the stuff.  I’ve spent a life being aware of it but ignoring it for a variety of reasons.

And have – on more than one occasion – been dragged into someone else’s argument over it.  As if I care?  Like my experience doesn’t matter to your spouse – why are you dragging me into this?

The truth is I have never been able to explain the Celestial beings.  I only know them for what they are – to me.

As for Spirit School?  I do not regularly visit the place.

I can go years without having any interaction with it.









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