Spirit [Energy] School and Lessons in Time

file-20170519-12263-5rt16pThe Metatron’s Army Saga rose out of the rubble pile my life turned into after a brain hemorrhage left me blind, paralyzed, and in a coma.

Specifically, it was a way of coping with what I saw and experienced during a Near Death Experience.

Even as I weaved a fictitious plot I pulled in elements from the NDE.  One of those elements is alternative education.

What my character refers to as Energy School is based on what I call Spirit School.  Gained in an alternate dimension associated with sleep, the information presented is supplemental to that obtained through traditional education.

In the decades since the surgery, I’ve been to Spirit School a number of times and while the environment can best be described in spiritual terms, the information presented is generally scientific in nature.  It’s also pragmatic.  I’ve been able to incorporate the lessons in my life in numerous meaningful ways.  One of those ways is with my writing.

What is Time?  In Ghost in the Mirror, fourth in the Psi Adventure Series, Paranormal Investigator Kerry Murphy attends a lecture on time.  She learns that Time is a lens that is curved and that it is possible to move about to any point on that lens.  This scene is transcribed from a 2012 Spirit School lesson.  I modified the lesson as appropriate for the story but the foundational information was kept intact.

In the original lesson, I saw a guy I worked with, along with his family, through different points of time.  Each part of the lens – due to its curvature – presented a different view because the curvature was time bending.

 The Effects of Time.  In 2016, as I was working on Advantage: Book One of Metatron’s Army, I attended a Spirit School lecture on The Effects of Time on Man.  I was asked to repeat the lecture verbatim three times before I was allowed to sleep.

They** wanted to make sure I got the information.

As soon as I woke up I transcribed the lecture.  It appears in Bishop Pair: Book Two of Metatron’s Army, word for word.

Spirit School is a separate place.  It is not a dream.  After completing the lesson, there is a reentry point through which I return to the dimension of sleep.  When I wake up, I recall that I’ve been there, though sometimes I am unable to recall exactly what the lesson was.  In those instances, I know – gut feel – that on some level of consciousness, I’ve retained the information.

 ** They are celestial beings I’ve described as angels, though I admit this could be me applying cultural language to something difficult to describe.  They seem like angels.

For more information on Spirit School, and other aspects of the Near Death Experience, see After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.

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