Crossroads Where The Celestial Meets Creativity

Crossroads.jpgWorking on Book 12 which may or may not be the final in the Metatron’s Army Series.

I gave up trying to predict when I realized that reintroducing cut scenes only enhanced and improved the story.

I am reading a dialogue scene between Chestin and Christine.  It’s a moment where Chestin shares his take on how to get around the political elite by using a loophole they are aware of but would never suspect the team would [be smart enough to] use.  My first impression upon reading the scene was satisfaction because it was a good illustration of Chestin’s strengths and his attitude – something Christine counts on.  A moment’s reflection brought to mind when and where I was when  I came up with the scene to begin with.

It is one of a number of times in creating this series when, upon writing and/or reading a scene, I am taken back to the time and place where I came up with it.  In this particular case, it’s split over two time frames.

Part One took place while I was on a treadmill in my basement in Michigan in the spring of 1999. The continuation took place while I was living downtown San Francisco in the fall of 2003, cleaning out a closet.

This story has crisscrossed back and forth, bringing to mind a number of times and places.

I’m even coming to see the role dreams and side journeys have played in its creation.

I’ve also come to realize that the plot device I thought I’d dredged up from my subconscious while playing as a child was never part of the original story.

It was only part of play time with a friend. 

That it ended up in the story was never consciously planned and had absolutely nothing to do with those days playing Barbies.  This has left me wondering – is the author the writer or the transcriber?

Or both? 

The crisscrossing continued as I moved throughout the West/Southwest US.

Searching for an environmentally safe place to live.

I came up with the skeleton framework for the endgame while listening to INXS and packing Legos for the move to San Diego.

Artwork.  This story, which has evolved over decades, is made up of disconnected yet congruent pieces, ribbons, with labels from different times and places, all flowing from the same source. My job is to find matching labels, like something from Husker Du, in order to weave them coherently.

It isn’t just the story they put together, it’s the journey of making sense of the amazing surreal place where the celestial and the creative come together.

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