MA – Where Did It Begin?

pagephotos_2918_59d4d821ccf8e2f1138036c083d75f39f704aee3732eb.jpgThis morning I was catching up on current events when a memory surfaced.  It was a little over a year after the brain surgery.  I was living in Florida, playing Barbies with a friend.  I’d come up with a rather unique way of “babysitting” kids so the adults could go out.  To my surprise, I realized that decades later this unique solution ended up as a plot device in the Metatron’s Army Series!

Which is why I’m not going to elaborate and spoil it.

I remember discussing the pros and cons of using this device with a friend.  He likes sci-fi and encouraged the method.

He thought it totally appropriate.

With only minor heartburn I went ahead.  I’m now totally fine with it.

The decision wasn’t what was such a big deal.  It was the way I implemented the plot device.

The how.

It’s unique and it’s something I’ve elaborated on in various books throughout the series – as appropriate to the progression of the story.

I’m about to reference it in an upcoming scene which is perhaps why the memory surfaced.

What surprised me the most about this is that it’s evident the seeds for Metatron’s Army were planted earlier than I thought.

I’d originally thought the first threads of the story were conceived while I was reading a Barbie coloring book back in Michigan, ten months after the Florida event.

I’ve always known that MA was born of my need to sort through what happened during the NDE.  In light of this memory, I have to wonder if there’s more to the reality of the story than I already believed.

It’s common for children to use play – drawing, acting out – as a way to deal with emotionally and psychologically challenging events. Trust me, having an NDE at 10 years of age was challenging. 

As I enter into the End Game part of the story I find myself experiencing memories that reveal information gained during the NDE.

The most recent has to do with whether or not the universe is expanding or contracting.

Much of the stuff, rooted deep within my unconscious, is finding its way to the surface by way of writing the story.

When the memories do invade, it’s quite startling and can pull me away from the story for a bit, though I usually set it aside for later review and get back to work.

This latest will likely suck up a bit of time but as with the others, I’ll set it aside.  After all, I have a scene to write.

I find it interesting that Barbies were the trigger that set the story in motion all those decades ago.

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