Layers of Time and Story

8834668-3x2-700x467.jpgWorking on Bind:  Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  Though I like all the books, this one is a particular favorite.

While the story throughout the series alternates between action and character focus, sometimes highlighting both simultaneously, at this point, there is a heavy focus on the characters after significant action.  The resulting changes really bring them to life.

I was reading through a scene that makes me chuckle whenever I read it.

I love Christine’s attitude when she’s interacting with the Council of Twelve.  It shows her growth as a leader while still showing off a bit of her Midwest upbringing which keeps her from becoming overly confident or arrogant.

It brought to mind the time the scene was “written.”

I was driving home from work, stuck in traffic in a 5-speed stick – stop and go – one foot on the gas, the other on the clutch  hoping to get the car out of first.  I was near Featherstone next to the Pontiac Silverdome, watching a sea of red taillights when the idea for the holographic image as used in this scene just popped into my mind. 

There is a different scene in Diagonals: Book 10 in the series, that came from the same trip home.

Fight Fire with Fire by Kansas was playing on the radio, inspiring it.

This has been an ongoing occurrence throughout the Middlegame of the series.

I’m moving into Endgame at this point.

Throughout the read/edit/rewrite process, I’ll vividly remember where I was (and what I was doing) when a plot twist or scene came to mind.  It’s an interesting superposition of present over past.

My favorite concept:  Time.

Pin:  Book 8 is now available for preorder.

UPDATE:  The music scene inspired by that interesting evening in traffic is actually in Bind.  🙂


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