Math as Language (Equations Tell Stories)

Math-BrainsIn the days since posting the previous article I’ve weighed the pros and cons of explaining (or trying to) what solving the equation meant/revealed.  As it does circle back to the progress of this series, I decided to give it a shot.

It isn’t simple.  It reminds me of trying to explain the NDE faithfully.  The “white light” isn’t the white light as I’ve learned – or rather it isn’t just a white light – and there was no tunnel or stairs or any of the other stuff made popular by the entertainment industry.  There’s so much more to it – to the Celestial plane and the beings there – but how do you get that across?

The Scene.  The equation, written in white chalk, appeared on a green old-fashioned style chalkboard.  I recognized it from the first time I’d seen it when it was suddenly in front of me in a vision while I was sitting in high school geometry.

Though I wrote it down that day, in the years since, I have just worked from memory.

I was a bit startled because I hadn’t “seen” the equation in 34 years but the moment I saw it, I recognized it for being “the” equation.

I now realize that I actually had some of it partially solved in 1995.  I just didn’t realize it. 

The Action.  The Celestial being told me it was time to solve it.

He is young, male – though adult – and admitted it was his job to work with me on this at this time. 

He stepped back and waited while I tried to focus on the equation.

This is where it gets tricky to describe.  I “see” but I don’t.  It’s there but keeping the focus on it when the analytical mind wants to start working on it – it’s tough because then the image starts to fade.  I had to blank my mind out and try again. 

The guide did help in that he was able to redirect my focus so that the equation again appeared.

He also encouraged me to focus on the left side of it – the function symbol and the couple of symbols immediately to the right of it which was key. He emphasized without actually spelling it out that I needed to focus on part, not the whole.

A bit frustrated I went and chatted with Aaron about the equation.

And about having been interrupted during my meditation and “ordered” to solve it.

He reminded me of the basics of calculus – as this equation was definitely using that – and I talked out what I was trying to understand – that the key to unraveling it was with that first part.

I went back to my desk and back to work on the equation, keeping my focus on that function symbol. 

The moment I “got” that concept – zeroing in on that one section – the function symbol transformed into a word.  This was immediately followed by the symbols to the right of that function symbol – also calculus symbols – transforming into words.

My reaction was, “Oh, of course!  Math is a language!  It’s the language of the universe!”

The moment that got through the words moved into the distance and more words appeared beside it.

The remaining parts of the equation transforming. 

As I continued to focus on the process (rather than on the words), the words transformed into images.

They (the guides) were explaining to me that while math is a language it is not the only language of the universe.  Images are also the language of the universe.

Once I acknowledged that comment the images began to animate and I was watching a film.

One of the films I saw during the NDE. 

This particular snippet was telling a story of how the Egyptians had it right in their development of mathematics.  They also had the right way of introducing non-mathematical language to the world through images and then words later.

I was watching a history of part of the development of mankind, focusing on the fact the Egyptians did it right.  There is an irony here – this equation first appeared to me while sitting in geometry – Greek math.  A heavenly debate over which is better?

As soon as it started, it stopped.

It’s jarring to have it all vanish instantaneously.  During the NDE it went from one film/image to another to another at a dizzying speed – the information coming at me like water from a firehose. They were images but occasionally animated at a speed that made it appear as video.  I was always able to separate out the images – like slowing down a cartoon to see each frame.

The guide had to go but he told me I was to continue working.

There are more equations to work on.

What Now?  Apparently, this is going to be the way of it for a bit.

The stars must be aligned.

The other night I was in spirit school.

I describe this experience in great detail in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.

As I was transitioning back to this plane of awareness, the guides, in their typical fashion, asked me  to repeat back what I’d learned/been told.

This lesson had to do with energy transference.

Sometimes it’s like trying to grab a spider web dissolving in water.  It’s difficult to hold onto as you are coming awake.

It was 4:45 am and while I knew I would go back to sleep for an hour or two, I did “try” to hold onto the lesson.

Writing the Metatron’s Army Series has brought me in tune with the beings who were with me during the NDE.  The fact I can see math as a language but get at it through words helps me understand they can and will work with me using whatever tools at their disposal to communicate.

I sincerely believe this is not unique to me – I believe we have lots of help but we aren’t tuned into it.  For more on this, I suggest reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

How Does it End?  Though I know how the series is going to wind down and I have most of the scenes and remaining books mapped out, I have to admit to wondering what the Celestial beings have in store for me.

I feel as if I’m as much the reader as I am the writer of this tale.

I’ll just keep doing what I’ve always done with the paranormal – accept it for what it is, study it, decipher it, and use it to help where and when I can.


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