Celestial Love

angelembraceThe love story component in Metatron’s Army has been fun but challenging at times because in honoring the NDE experience I needed to address the point of view of a celestial being.

The type of love that is felt by the celestial beings is a universal love.  There’s no favoritism in that realm. 

Even though it’s deep it could almost be considered lukewarm due to a lack of emotional peaks and valleys normally associated with the human interpretation/experience of that energy.

At the same time I have a “common man” character – Christine – who feels passion and love in a significantly different way.  She feels emotion deep whereas the celestial beings feel it more broadly and there is a wide gulf between when it comes to bringing them together in a relationship that not only makes sense but can be understood by the reader.

Layered on top of it all is that in this world, energy is the ruling force, not the rules of late twentieth century Earth.  This means dealing with lifetimes rather than age.

As one of my characters says, “It’s about energetic compatibility.

I don’t address how old the celestial characters are because it’s irrelevant.  They’re timeless because celestial beings are timeless.

They aren’t a twenty-first century invention and they aren’t a Christian invention.  If anything, physics has more to offer when understanding them because the rules of energy apply; the law of conservation of energy, Einstein’s theory of relativity, etc.

 While science played a significant role in helping me understand the NDE, there is a strong spiritual component in the environment I was in and the celestial beings I encountered.  These energy beings fell into different categories

  • Spirits of humans I’d known on Earth
  • What we would call angels
  • Watchers

These energy beings were almost inanimate objects.  They existed but they didn’t speak; they simply watched/observed.

When creating the characters for Metatron’s Army, I pulled from the celestial realm and created characters you might find in a sci-fi epic.

In mine at any rate.

Since these different species were born into a world/universe where there is celestial diversity, there was opportunity for a variety of interactions that included all the emotions (i.e. jealousy, anger, fear, and of course, love).

In the Beginning.  When I first began putting a creative storyline around the NDE, there were a handful of characters, and only three planets.

There was the Council of Twelve which is made up of an even different celestial being.

From the outset, the characters were different species, which allowed me to explore the sensations and observations I had during the NDE.  I think I’ve done justice to those original characters while filling in with additional characters who support the story and theme at the center of it all.

That love and the adventures that go with it are universal concepts that traverse all energetic beings, man and angel alike.

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